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2017.03.31KUMAMON Visits JR Cafe

In March, JR Cafe promoted Kyushu as the featured region of the month with a series of fun activities introducing places of interest in various prefectures of Kyushu. For a consecutive of three Saturdays, JR Cafe held events to promote Oita, Kagoshima and Kumamoto respectively.

On 18th March, KUMAMON, one of Japan's most popular Yurukyara (mascots) that represents the Kumamoto Prefecture visited JR Cafe to promote Kumamoto rice.


The Meet & Greet Session attracted Japan Lovers as well as Japanese locals who are fans of the lovely black bear with rosy cheeks. A total of 50 or more attended the event to see KUMAMON dance and take a photo with him.



In conjunction with the rice promotion, JR Cafe used Kumamoto's rice in all its rice dishes for the entire month of March. Kumamoto rice were also available for sale in 2-kg packs in cute KUMAMON packaging.



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